CathyHeadShotPicWhen I’m not devising gruesome endings for my characters, I profess to be a mild-mannered daughter, wife, and mother.

While parents, husband, and children may be fooled by this benign facade, my dog, Dexter, is well aware of my true, evil intent. He lies at my feet as I type, and when prompted, does a frightening wolf howl that makes even me shiver, sending my writer’s imagination into overdrive.

Dexter – The Ferocious Beast

My debut novel Where There’s Smoke– published by Fireborn Publishing – was inspired by the bravery of firefighters everywhere, but especially by those individuals who gave so much on 9/11. I have drawn directly upon my family’s experience in the Fire Brigade to bring realism to my story.



Where There’s Smoke – Debut novel – published by Fireborn Publishing.

Short Stories:

A Killer Week – Crime After Crime

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