Short Stories

AWriter'sChristmas A Christmas Miracle  – Published by Salvatore Publishing 2008

Clare Miller lives a bleak existence with her abusive husband, Adam. The only bright spot in her life is her five-year-old son Tommy. As Christmas approaches and Adam’s beatings become more violent, Clare prays for a miracle. She gets one in the most unexpected way.

AWriter'sChristmas The Wicked Weed – (Winner of Eason’s Humorous Short Story Award and read out on Downtown Radio 2007.) Published by Salvatore Publishing 2008

Giving up smoking and going cold turkey begins innocently enough. You eat the equivalent of your body weight in sweets and, when that doesn’t work, you pick a fight with everyone in sight. Simple. Right?  Two weeks later, you’re plotting the demise of your entire family circle, because, to your feverish mind, that makes perfect sense. No one would think less of you if you smoked at such a stressful time. Would they?

RascalsOfTheRedBarrenBar Mother Knows Best – Published by Lulu 2010

Living with an overbearing, cantankerous mother doesn’t leave Sue Evans with a lot of time to herself. Every chance she gets she escapes to the library. Lately, though, Sue has a more compelling reason for her library visits.

 CrimeAfterCrimeCoverA Killer Week  – Published by Bridge House 2012

 “I like it when they beg.” The killer dubbed ‘The Cutter’ stalks the city streets, playing a sadistic game of hide and seek with their teenage victims. When Sergeant Dickie O’Neil gets too close, The Cutter is furious. Nothing must be allowed to stop the game. Luckily, the copper has a daughter. And she’s just the right age to play!



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Where There's Smoke by Cathy   Cole

Where There's Smoke

by Cathy Cole

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