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At the moment I am working on two projects:


The Hungry Ghost:

Cassie Phillips has no intention of attending her 10-year school reunion. No one from 6B would, not after they’ve spent the last decade trying to forget their culpability in the fire and resulting death of five of their friends. However, one by one, the girls are coerced, blackmailed and bribed into attending.

They arrive on the island to discover themselves cut off from the outside world – no cell phones, no computers. No way off until the boat returns, and by then it may be too late.

When the first girl dies, they assume it’s an accident. When another is stabbed they can no longer escape the truth. Someone knows their secret and intends to make them pay for what they did.




Legacy – The Beginning:

I thought dying would be painful, the worst thing that could ever happen to me. Not so. Dying, surprisingly enough was painless, nice, in fact. Moving towards that bright light… it didn’t blind, rather it swaddled me in warmth and a feeling of security. Being pulled back from the light, launched back into this body, that’s what bloody hurt.

Journalist Debbie Simpson wakes in hospital after a bike accident to discover it wasn’t an accident after all. Someone wants her dead, but she has no idea who, or why.

Her seemingly boring life has taken on a new edge. Who is the strange woman Marta who appears demanding her help, and why does a lost child affect Debbie so much? And more importantly, why does her heart do strange things when Dr. Jamie Underwood is around?

And he’s around a lot.

When Marta warns Debbie that someone close to her is out to hurt her, Debbie knows she must find out who it is – and quickly.  Because someone is watching her, someone is phoning her, and the next accident might very well be her last.

As she digs deeper, secrets from the past are forced to the surface, and with them, Debbie discovers a frightening legacy that will change her life forever.





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Where There's Smoke by Cathy   Cole

Where There's Smoke

by Cathy Cole

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